CSWD comments to SCUSD Board of Education on the dysfunction in SCUSD


This is a repeat of past comments by the Coalition and some of what you have been hearing from other parents in this district. It has to be repeated because these problems continue and students are the ones being harmed. Watching things play out as they have for the past 10+ years in this district has been infuriating and quite sad at the same time because it is the children who are being hurt by the lack of collaboration and disregard of their needs. We have provided several examples of how bargaining has harmed children:


  1. Appendix D - which discriminated against students with disabilities for over 20 years from 1993-2017 and the culture in this district still lingers, with a lack of progress for students with disabilities 
  2. Inclusive practices conceptual agreement - In 2014, SCTA worked to halt the Inclusive Practices co-teaching model that right now exists only at select school sites
  3. SPARK MOU - halted a districtwide restorative practices program
  4. Assessment MOU - halted a districtwide assessment process that would have helped many students be identified for targeted interventions
  5. Special ed assessment MOU - denying students to be evaluated for their initial and triennial individualized education plans, stomping on their federal rights to a Free and Appropriate Education


Students are suffering from the impacts caused by the lack of collaboration and these are examples that hurt all students. 


For many children and youth, being educated in SCUSD has taken a great toll on their mental health and well being. The toxic atmosphere is causing stress and anxiety in the SCUSD community as we are fearful for students’ futures.


A recent glimmer of hope , however, was Superintedent Aguilar’s decision to re-open and collapse cohorts to bring back as many children as possible with the majority of Board supporting this (and thank you). 


The dysfunctional pattern of allowing SCTA’s tactics to stall negotiations and dictate district programming while trampling student rights must end.


We call on you as board members support Superintedent Aguilar’s continual efforts to do right by the students and put their needs front and center!