CSWD comments to SCUSD Board of Education on the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)


Dear Education Leaders, I am speaking on behalf of myself and members of the Coalition for Students with Disabilities

The second broad goal is that the District needs to demonstrate an authentic commitment to Inclusion. What would this look like?

Ending unlawful segregation in Special Day Classes

Ending unlawful exclusionary discipline and bullying from other students and even teachers

Ending the exclusionary practice of sending struggling readers out of a General Education classroom and displacing them down the hall with a reading specialist or to a resource room.

All of our General Education teachers must become experts in differentiated instruction in literacy and math using evidence-based instructional practices with fidelity.

Building a pipeline, beginning in kindergarten, for every student to graduate with a college, career or independent living plan.

In short, this LCAP should be saturated with actions and measures that ensure that every student is accessing grade level curriculum and receiving appropriate supports in their general education class.  If our district is to become authentically equitable for all students including the 7,000 with disabilities, the LCAP should be an aggressive roadmap for providing the resources and expectations for every General Education teacher who works in this District to commit to teaching according to Universal Design for Learning and using culturally responsive approaches to learning for ALL students.

The members of the Coalition were dismayed to read in the official meeting notes of the May 4th Executive Committee of the CAC that it decided to reject Mr. Steven Fong-Ramirez’s request to provide input from the members of the CAC into the draft. So we kindly appreciate your consideration of the input of the Coalition of the Students with Disabilities.