CSWD comments to SCUSD Board of Education on the first reading of the revised Board Policy 5146, Married/Pregnant/Parenting Students


Good evening, I am speaking for the Coalition for Students with Disabilities and am combining my time with Renee Webster-Hawkins:


We agree that having an updated policy that informs students of their rights and supports that will help them to continue their education, attain strong academic and parenting skills, and promote the healthy development of their children. The policy identifies that pregnant and parenting pupils are entitled to accommodations and informs them of the 8-week leave process available to them.


We are requesting that some of the strikethrough language be kept in the policy concering discrimination:


  1. On page 6 of this agenda handout (first page of the policy), the words discriminate against are crossed out. It is important that this wording remain in the policy.  


  1. On page 7 of the handout (2nd page of policy), the words discrimination on the basis of pregnancy or marital or parental status have been been removed where it used explain to students being notified of their rights to file a discrimination complaint.  We respectfully request that these words be added back. As without this language, the policy does not describe the rights of students to be free from discrimination based on their status and options available to them under the law.


  1. On page 6 (third paragraph of the policy):  a statement has been removed that requires the “Superintendent or designee to periodically report to the Board regarding the effectiveness of district strategies to support married, pregnant, and parenting students, which may include data on participation rates in district programs and services, academic achievement, school attendance, graduation rate, and/or student feedback on district programs and services.”  Removal of this statement leaves no accountability or oversight for implementation of this policy; and therefore, we humbly request that this language remain intact.