CSWD comments to SCUSD Board of Education on re-opening MOUs


Comment by Angie Sutherland

Good evening, I am speaking for the Coalition for Students with Disabilities and am combining my time with Renee Webster-Hawkins:


  • Thank you Ms. Baeta for highlighting that the current physical distancing guidance is 3 feet between students, not 6 feet and that following the CDC guideluines increases the possibiility of collapsing of more cohorts and provides access to in person learning for more students. It does not make sense how an MOU can supersede CDC guidance. This is denying acess to students.l;,


  • MOU on an Alternative to Mandated Assessments reached with SCTA: 
    1. The district website shows that a modified MOU on assessments was reached with SCTA on May 7, 2021. Why is this not on the agenda? 


  • Student special education assessments: students with disabilities have waited long enough for services required by law.
    1. We are appreciative of the district’s statement on their website that reminds the SCUSD community that “Providing our students with critical services required by law isn’t voluntary. This work is an everyday part of meeting our students’ academic, social and emotional needs.”
    2. We appreciate the district’s website FAQ with more updated assessment information including a list that is updated each Weds with the numbers of students needing assessments.
    3. We ask that this topic remain on the agenda at every board meeting and CAC meeting until students are provided with the assessment services they are legally entitled to. 
    4. We ask that board members, legal, administrators, and staff show they are taking this matter seriously by displaying a sense of urgency and care about students with disabilities whose needs are not being met and awareness of the impacts to students.


  • We echo the comments of fellow parents on this issue. 
    1. One parent who provided a written comment for this item, said it so nicely. “Our kids are not pawns in this game. Please stand up to the SCTA.”  We ask for your BOLD action based on student needs, rather than continuing the decades long practice of allowing collective bargaining to impede or trump student rights to a quality and inclusive education.