CSWD Comments to SCUSD Board of Education on how collective bargaining has been harming students


On behalf of the Coalition for Students with Disabilities:


3.1 Government Code 54957.6 (a) and (b) Negotiations/Collective Bargaining SCTA SEIU, TCS, Teamsters, UPE, Non-Represented/Confidential Management (District Representative Pam Manwiller)


As parents have stated many times, it has been disappointing, sad, and infuriating to watch things play out as they have for the past 10+ years in this district. The last straw was how special education assessments were halted for nearly a year due to collective bargaining disagreements. 


Initial and triennial special education assessments inform students’ goals, and the goals drive the services a student will receive. So without this information, we cannot imagine that many students received a fair and appropriate education. The district struggles in this area as it is. 


The district had to decide what was worse... (A) serving students by unilaterally implementing contracts with outside providers who were ready and willing to conduct the legally mandated assessments and face SCTA filing a complaint -or- (B) caving to SCTA (again) by letting things sit and in the process hurting many individual students. This placed the district at risk for legal complaints and threats by CDE to a loss of special education funding. The district chose to appease SCTA. Students were not put first. Nor have they been put first over the past 10+ years from our view. 


Coalition organizers and CAC members have over the years uncovered many instances where collective bargaining has harmed students and this board has already heard from us many times about this problem.


We humbly request that in future planning that you, the board of education, make decisions in the best interest of students. 


Please end this vicious cycle of allowing SCTA’s tactics that delay bargaining and dictate district programming to trample student rights. 


Students are suffering from the impacts caused by the lack of collaboration. For many, being educated in SCUSD has taken a great toll on their mental health and well being.


Parents have been suffering too from the trauma of being in constant battle mode to fight for their children’s rights to a quality and inclusive education.


The toxic and scary relationship is causing stress and anxiety in the SCUSD community as we are fearful for our students’ futures. 


Please do right by the students and put their needs front and center.